Workers Compensation Insurance Services

Coverage for your business, business autos, and all other aspects of a large or small business.

Business Packages - Comprehensive insurance for businesses that are “all in one policies”.

Business packages are designed for smaller businesses that fit into a certain model. Usually retail and office exposures along with some service type businesses are eligible for the “Business Owner Package”.

The advantage of qualifying for this package is two-fold. It is very competitively priced and it offers a broad range of coverages in the “package” that would be fairly expensive if purchased separately.

Liability Insurance - Protects your business from lawsuits by third parties.

Every business large or small is subject to being sued just because exists. Whether the business simply owns a vacant lot, has a small administrative office or is a full-fledged operating business it can be named in a lawsuit.

Liability insurance provides defense for such lawsuits (even if false or fraudulent) and will pay judgments up to the limits of the policy.

Liability insurance is priced according to the amount of exposure the business has.

Property Coverages - Protects your physical assets such as buildings, inventory, furniture, and loss of income.

Covers a broad range of property such as building, furniture, fixtures, inventory and equipment that is used at the designated location.

Earthquake and flood coverage are not among the standard coverage’s but may be purchased separately.

Tools and Equipment - Coverage for items used at job sites, also larger contractor’s equipment.

This coverage usually applies to items that are “mobile”. It covers a broad range of items: tools & equipment in the back of a truck or that are moved from job to job. It may include miscellaneous equipment or individual pieces of equipment that may be scheduled.

Coverage for short-term leased and rented equipment is also available.

Commercial Auto Insurance - Comprehensive commercial auto coverage for all your business vehicles.

Commercial auto coverage contemplates that anyone may be driving business vehicles and is much less restrictive in that sense. All types of vehicles and trailers may be scheduled on the commercial auto policy.

The registration of the vehicle scheduled should be the same as the name on the auto policy.

Many personal auto policies have exclusions built in for business use, business owners should always be certain that they are covering their business autos on the proper policy form.

Builder's Risk Insurance - Insurance for your building while it is under construction.

Builders Insurance also known as Course of Construction Insurance protects structures under construction from beginning to end.

Most policies cover the building until occupancy is issued. Builder risk policies should cover material at the site, in transit and at temporary locations.

Installation Floater - Contractor’s coverage for inventory not at contractor’s premises.

Similar to the builders risk policy but primarily designed for the sub contractor that is responsible for his own material.

The installation floater covers material at the job site, in transit and at a temporary location.

Bonding - License, Contract = License and Permit Bond, Bid Bond, Payment and Performance Bond.

There are several types of bonds; the most common are license and permit bonds that are required by municipalities in order to do business. There is a broad range of miscellaneous bonds that include court bonds, lost title bonds, etc.

Important to the contractor are payment and performance bonds, usually referred to as contract bonds. These bonds require extensive financial information and underwriting.

Umbrella - Excess Liability - Increases the amount of liability coverage.

The umbrella or excess liability coverage is usually the most economical way to increase the liability coverage on basic policies such as auto and general liability. It is purchased in increments of $1,000,000.

Increased liability limits are required by many by many contractors in today’s business world.

Workers Compensation - Medical payments and salary replacement for injured employees. 

Workers Compensation is required by statute in all states for anyone that hires any person full or part time. Many business owners do not understand the extent of Workers Compensation laws and how they are affected.

Part B of the Workers Compensation policy covers the employer from lawsuits brought on by employees outside of the Workers Compensation coverage. Does not include Employment Related Practices.

Employment Related Practices Liability - Employment related lawsuits can arise from any number of normal employment practices such as hiring, promoting, demoting, and termination.

The allegations against the employer are commonly discrimination or harassment, or against gender, religion, race, or age.

Claims are also made by third parties such as delivery persons or vendors. In all cases the employer is held accountable.

Custom Policies - We can create policies to cover hard-to-cover or unusual risks.

Brown and Brown can create and structure policies to fit the needs of any business. With universal exposures such as pollution, foreign sales and production, Ocean Marine coverage, etc.

Large construction project-evaluating OCIP’s and Wraps.

Value Added Services - Contract Review, Work Comp Experience Mod-Projections and Review.

Brown and Brown has the training and experience to partner with their client to give sound insurance advice regarding everyday business decisions.

Contract compliance, compliance with local state and federal law such as Workers Compensation, Healthcare Reform statutes. Assistance in projecting work comp experience mod calculations.

Calculating insurance costs for bidding purposes. Risk analysis to match your business exposures to your business insurance program, realizing that insurance is not always the best answer.

Why Choose Us? - We are a local agency with 15 local employees.

We are part of the national Brown and Brown Organization which is the 6th largest insurance broker in the United States. 

Our local team understands the Yavapai County insurance climate. We match your local needs with national companies that other local agents cannot access.

We bring years of experience in creating and strategizing insurance programs for all sizes of businesses.

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