Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans - Prescott AZ

Medicare Supplement Plans (Also Known As Medigap Plans and Secondary Insurance Coverage):

  • Must have Medicare part A and B to be eligible for coverage
  • Additional coverage for those whom already have coverage with Medicare part A and B
  • Additional monthly premium paid to chosen carrier in addition to Medicare monthly premiums
  • Covers the costs for medically necessary services that are approved by Medicare but are not paid in full by Medicare
  • Covers medical services when traveling outside the United States up to an approved amount

Medicare Advantage Plans:  

  • Must have Medicare part A and B to be eligible for coverage
  • Annual Election Period from October 15 to December 7
  • Complete coverage for most of your insurance needs
  • Medicare Supplement Plan is not required
  • Polices and coverage vary
    • PPO- eligible for services outside of approved network with prior approval
    • HMO- more restrictive, usually requires a referral to see a specialist
    • PFFS- most closely compared to Medicare, usually no referral needed
      Does not cover Hospice services

Dual Eligible Plans (Special Needs Plans):

  • Eligible to those with disabilities and are also enrolled with Medicaid


  • State provided/funded healthcare coverage

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